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When We CAN'T Help

We May Not Always Be The Best Fit

Here are some examples of services we do NOT offer,

and some alternative suppliers who may be able to help

Structural Steel


<£10k Per Year

Raw material


Structural Steel

We specialise in skilled fabrication for just about any industry outside of structural steel. That means we supply a variety of posts for example, but there are many other specialists in structural steel such as Manchester Steels.



We only fabricate within our facilities, so cannot offer any on-site measuring / installation services. If you have your own product designs and installation team, then we can deliver to any site in the UK. Alternatively, for fabrications + Installation services, you could try Salford Engineering.


Customers spending <£10k per year

As we are a prodution facility, jobs below a certain size are too disruptive for us to achieve the lead times, quality and prices that we pride ourselves on. For smaller jobs, we recommend Chadderton Welding.


Raw material sales

Whilst we hold raw material in sheet and hollow section form for our fabrication purposes, we do not sell material only. For low quantity material (cut to size or otherwise) you are best trying a material stockist such as Metal Supermarkets in Trafford Park.

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