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Framos Fabrications provide a high quality, fast efficient and cost effective powder coating, polishing, bead blasting, galvanasing and zinc plating operation for a wide cross-section of components and parts to meet all customer's specifications.

Why Polyester Powder Coating?

Polyester powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes, meaning it is extremely durable.

The range of colours available is virtually unlimited, and we specialise in the powder coating of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Different powders can offer a wide range of shine levels, from matt through to gloss. We can also offer smooth or textured finished depending on customer preferences.

Powder Coating

Stainless Steel Polishing

Mechanical stainless steel polishing is an abrading operation used to remove or smooth grinding lines, scratches, pits, mold marks, parting lines, tool marks, stretcher strains, and surface defects that adversely affect the appearance or function of the part.


Many different levels of polish are available to give your product the aesthetic it deserves. From a brush finish, to grain finish, to mirror polish, we have a dedicated in-house polishing room with all the equipment required to fulfil your polishing requirements.

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Anti Corrosion Coatings

Rust is the greatest enemy of just about any type of metal, and its corrosive effects can be devastating. Zinc Plating and Hot Dip Galvanising are two of the most commonly used zinc coating processes to prevent rust.

Zinc plating (also known as electro-galvanising) is a process where zinc is applied by using a current of electricity. While is does provide some rust protection, its thinner coating is not as rust resistant as hot dip galvanising. Its main advantage is it is cheaper, and leaves a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Hot Dip Galvanising involves dipping the workpiece in a bath of molten zinc for a thicker zinc coating. This leaves a less attractive, dull grey finish, but provides a more robust layer of protection the zinc plating so it is more commonly used in outdoor, industrial applications.

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