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In an industry built on bespoke product design and iterative improvement, inspection is key to ensure the repeatability of quality control.

Framos Fabrications offer rigorous in-house visual inspection with certified staff. Assemblies are tested and proof run, in accordance with customer’s requirements before despatch.

All products undergo final inspections to ensure the product meets all of the customer's design specifications whilst meeting our own high standards of finish; from the integrity of our welds, to the smoothness of our deburred edges.


Our workshop is fully equipped to accommodate the requirements of our trade, plenty of height and a large work area for complex fabrications, and a very accessible yard for larger delivery projects.

Our purpose built facility is located in Manchester which allows us to meet and exceed delivery targets and expectations for clients across the country.


We have a highly skilled and carefully selected workshop team, capable of turning tonnes per week and the workshop has capacity to exceed this on demand.


Framos Fabrications follow a strict set of processes to allow us to maximise communication and efficiency in any project.

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