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Stainless Steel

Alongside our fantastic metalwork bending, we also carry out stainless steel fabrication and cutting using our innovative and technologically advanced machines.

Here at Framos Fabrications, we have many years of experience in the industry and that has allowed us to get the very best equipment and staff and we are confident that we can take on any project, no matter how challenging.

Our specialist laser cutting machines can precisely cut and shape your material or component and allows us to provide the very best service possible. Using computer software, the laser is accurately controlled and provides an exceptional definition.

Laser Cutting Systems

Our laser cutting systems can also cut up to 20mm in stainless steel, as well as carbon, and can produce fantastic, detailed edges and holes. It works by beaming the laser onto the surface of the steel, heating the material surface and then either moving the material or the laser itself to cut the sheet.

Typically used for drilling, cutting and engraving, our laser cutting system is most commonly used to cut flat sheet metal of medium thickness and can be far more precise than ones done by hand.


Wide range of Products

As the laser cutting systems produce precise and beautiful looking pieces of material every time they can be used in a wide number of industries. For instance, we supply stainless steel components for a wide number of clients from many different industries, including pharmaceutical and electronics.
Some of the products we supply include tubular sections for the food industry, large jigs for turbine maintenance and heavy duty stilling tubes for oil terminals.

High Quality

Indeed, our wide range of products manufactured can also assist companies looking to scan food for impurities and those attempting to transport cash securely. With many prestigious companies from a wide range of industries all trusting us with their fabrication needs, it is easy to see just how high quality our products are.

If you would like any more information about our stainless steel products and services, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced and helpful team.

Company Address: 19 Brookdale Street, Failsworth, Manchester, Lancashire. M35 0HF