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Metal Bending & Welding

As part of our excellent metal fabrication service, we provide a metalwork bending, welding and polishing option. Bending is essentially a manufacturing process that creates different shaped components from different materials, most commonly sheet metal.

We here at Framos Fabrications only use the very best equipment to ensure that you get the highest quality results and that is why we use the Press Brake when bending your metalwork. When using the Press Brake, we position the piece of material over the ‘die block’ and this presses the sheet to form whichever shape you have requested.

Expert Staff

During the use of the Press Brake, bending will overcome both tensile stresses and compressive stresses, which cause the material to bend back towards its original shape. Therefore, it is vital to over-bend the sheet during the process to make sure it achieves the proper bend angle. Our experienced and expert staff have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that this happens.

There are also three different types of metalwork bending on a press brake and each is defined by the relationship of the end tool position to the thickness of the sheet material. Air Bending forms material by pressing a punch into the material and forces it into a V shaped die.


High Precision

This forms the bend so that the distance between the punch and the side wall is greater than the thickness.

Bottoming is the process where the sheet is forced against the ‘V’ and space left between the bottom of the opening and the sheet itself. Advantages include greater accuracy and less spring-back.

The last type of Press Brake bending is ‘Coining’, which essentially is where the top tool forces the material into the ‘V’ opening using five to 30 times the force of air bending. Permanent deformation of the sheet is caused and it allows it to attain very high precision.

Meeting Requirements

Fully adjustable, the tools can produce different profiles, depths and products, meaning that we can meet any requirements you may have, no matter how wide ranging they might be.

If you would like any more information about our Metalwork Bending services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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